Branded Pharmaceutical term means the products of global and multinational manufacturers which are available in many different countries all around the world. Proex Pharmaceuticals exports branded pharmaceuticals to various different countries all around the world with competitive prices and the highest quality service.


A Named Patient Program (NPP) provides patients and physicians access to medicines that are not available to them in their own country. These drugs must be approved in at least one country, from which it can be imported into the patient’s country under an NPP.

These may be drugs that are:

  • Approved, but not yet commercially available to be prescribed in the patient’s country
  • Approved and available in one country but not approved and available in the patient’s country
  • Discontinued in the patient’s country but not another
  • In shortage in the patient’s country but not another

Proex Pharmaceuticals is highly experienced in Named Patient Program. Documentation of the NPP shipments, various shipping methods and shipping of temperature sensitive cold chain products to many different locations all around the world are taken care by Proex Pharmaceutical professionally.


Proex Pharmaceuticals offers a variety of products from different countries through its wide supplier network. With years of experience in both importation and exportation of pharmaceuticals, the supplier network of Proex Pharmaceuticals is consisted of more than 200 suppliers from 70 different countries. In this direction, Proex Pharmaceuticals is able to provide competitive prices and reasonable lead times for the products from different parts of the World. The commitment of Proex Pharmaceuticals to its clients is to provide the most accurate price and availability information while maintaining steady supply during the operation with calculating all the negative effects and altering the supply chain. The experience of Proex Pharmaceuticals comes from understanding its client’s demands and responding them according to the market facts with the most reliable solution.
Proex Pharmaceuticals can also offer consultancy services for the manufacturers who are willing to enter foreign markets. Through the solid partner network of Proex Pharmaceuticals, we can introduce the right partner for entering the market with a professional approach. In that direction, we can provide a detailed market analysis for the desired business model in terms of in and out licensing.
As a conclusion, We, the Proex Pharmaceuticals family are giving our commitment to provide you the full service for all of your inquiries.


The cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry is a legal requirement. The purpose of the cold chain is to protect and control pharmaceutical products at the right temperature, from production to storage and then to the consumer. If the cold chain is broken, drugs may lose their effectiveness. It can even create deadly hazards in biological products such as vaccines or plasma. Therefore, the purpose of the cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry can be summarized as storing drugs in a way that preserves their effectiveness and delivering them to consumers.

In biological drugs and other drugs, those sensitive to temperature changes should be protected during transportation (and storage periods) within the healthy preservation temperature range determined by the manufacturer.

Proex Pharmaceuticals is well experienced in cold chain storage and shipments besides has all the required aspects for cold chain storage and shipment such as well-trained warehouse staff, EU standard cold chain storage units, the highest quality validated cold chain boxes and dataloggers. Each cold chain shipment is sent to the customer with an easy-to-use data logger therefore the customer can check the temperature history of the temperature sensitive medicines during the transportation of the shipment.